Sinking in His Grace: Identity

Identity is such a big subject that we often find ourselves wrestling with. I mean, I'm sure you have heard of someone having an...

Identity is such a big subject that we often find ourselves wrestling with. I mean, I'm sure you have heard of someone having an "identity crisis".

Teens and young adults I think are the most susceptible to this idea of not knowing who we are and going out to "find ourselves". We live with this mentality of if I can just figure out who I am then I can be happy and content.

What if I told you that you could have that peace and contentment with your life at this very moment?

Jesus offers us an unshakable identity when we find our identity in Him.

According to Romans 8:15, we are children of God and have inherited His kingdom. A very touching part of that verse of for me is the last part...
"And by him we cry, "Abba, Father".  

This just really speaks to me because if you think about the stereotypical relationship between a father and child-- that unrelenting, unconditional love and adoration, take that and multiply that infinitely amount of times and that's God's love for you and me.

Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians that were are God's temple and that He dwells in every single one of us. Dwell is defined as "to live as a resident" or "to exist". That's incredibly empowering to me.

In Christ, we are also new creations. 2 Corinthians 5:17 tells us that the old has died and the new has come. We are not our past. We are so much more than that. We are God's children, and He loves us scandalously.

When we recognize our identity as set in Christ and not ourselves or someone or something else, we are free of condemnation. When Jesus died on the cross, He died for all sins-- that means past, present, and future. He died so our worth can be in Him and not in our performance because well, we're human, and humans suck; we're messy. We mess up all the time.

I want you to think of the worst thing you have ever done, and I want you to put yourself back in that place right now. Instead of listening to the voices of shame and guilt, I want you to hear God saying, "I love you. You are still my child. There is nothing you could ever do that could make me love you any less."

We will also not be devalued. With our identity set in Christ, we know and understand our worth, and there is nothing that anybody or anything can do to shake that. We can instead focus on building others up, instead of tearing them down; we can be the hands and feet of Jesus in our daily life.

With our identity in Christ, we can live in the peace and security and contentment of knowing exactly who we are.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is give up the fight of trying to find who you are and instead embrace your identity as a daughter or son of God. You are His, and I don't know of anything in this world that is better to hold your identity in other than that.

Happy Sunday! Feel free to leave a comment if you wish. xx

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